Thursday, October 18, 2018

Top 5 Fun Activities With Toddler This Autumn - My Autumn Bucket List

Autumn is such a beautiful season and I'm delighted that it's finally here! There is always something to do. Here I have created my bucket list with top 5 activities for toddlers this autumn.

1. Go On A Nature Walk

We are lucky that we live in the suburb of London where country parks and green space is easily accessible. I've been thinking, why not taking my daughter to some local gardens and country parks for a long walk. Collecting colourful leaves and watching squirrels would be so much fun.

2. Bake A Cake Together

I have never baked a cake since Lucinda was born. Partly because I am not an experienced baker, partly because I just don't have the time, or maybe I was just being lazy! Thinking of all the mess, I can just picture it, the flour everywhere, everything gets on the floor... Now she's older, she always wants to be near me when I am cooking. Perhaps now it is not that 'dangerous' to get her involved in handling the dough?

3. Paint A Picture Together

My daughter loves getting creative with paints! We are going to create a painting together and keep it. I just ordered some washable paints, brushes and spill proof paint pots as well as a long toddler art apron from Amazon and I can't wait to get more use out of them.

4. Go To Sea Life London Aquarium

I have never been to Sea Life London Aquarium but I've always wanted to. Now what's better time to go than going with our curious toddler? I still remember the excitement on her face the last time we took her to see the sea lions under the water in Colchester Zoo, she was squealing with delight as she saw the sea lions swimming by over our head. She is so going to love it when she sees the colourful underwater creatures!

5. Go For A Weekend Away In The Countryside

I don't think we have done this with our toddler but this is going to be such a treat. I am thinking somewhere not far from London, perhaps Surrey, Hertfordshire, Bath, etc. Anywhere within 2 or 3 hours drive as we don't want to spend too much time on the road. We can go for nice walks in the countryside, enjoy some local cuisine and visit some local attractions. It is going to be our birthdays soon (Lucinda and I share the same birthday) and it is going to be wonderful if we can celebrate by going away for the weekend.

What's on your autumn bucket list? Why not leave a comment to let me know.


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