Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Midweek Recap - What We Did This Week So Far

I took Lucinda to our local children's centre for a stay and play session. It is a free session where lots of toddlers can enjoy different toys and activities in a safe environment. They have different themes each week so children won't get bored of the same toys each week. Some weeks there might be play dough, some weeks there might be water plays in the garden during the summertime.

There was painting session this week, and Lucinda really enjoyed it. She sat at the table wearing her apron, looking like a serious artist! She even knew to put the brush in the right paint pot whenever she finishes with one colour. It was so funny to see how concentrated she was and she made FOUR paintings! I literally had to drag her away from the table in the end because she started doing hand prints and the paint got to the sleeves of her white jumper. White jumper, what was I thinking? I was so proud to see the creative side of her and that she really found something she absolutely enjoy. 

She did become a bit agitated towards the end when we were doing the nursery rhyme, as she hadn't napped all day and was hungry too. 

We went to a local pub to have lunch with a friend and her daughter, then went home after. A very lovely day indeed.


Lucinda goes to nursery on Tuesday morning. When we woke up, it was already 8am and I thought to myself, oh no, we were going to be caught in the school traffic and won't get to the nursery till 9. Turned out I was right. 

I managed to write a blog post, which you may have already seen, about the highs and lows of being a mother. It was nice to put some of my thoughts to words because I know one day I look back on these days, I would really appreciate it.

I picked her up at 1pm and she had her nap on the way home and continued till 2.30. We spent the afternoon playing in the garden. She put on her pink wellington boots herself, I don't know what it is with boots, she loves wearing them! She got on her new scooter which we bought her a couple of months ago and was riding up and down the garden. She is a very active and 'sporty' girl, she got that from her father I guess. She knew how to ride a scooter the first time she tried it in the shop, she looked so cute and we had to buy it for her. 

She also played with the sand and insisted me to join her by handing me the little shovel. We made some sand castles and she just loves tearing them down. It makes her laugh every time. Little devil!

I got out my proper camera, a Sony RX100M2, which my husband bought shortly before Lucinda was born and did some practice shots on her. I forgot how great this little camera was. I used to use it every day when she was a newborn and got some really precious photos with it. I will try to use it more often now I see my iPhone camera just couldn't compare with this professional camera. Another interesting fact I found was that Lucinda was smiling at the camera and say cheese when I took the photos, which was totally unexpected. She never does that when I take her photos using my iPhone. She must have learnt that from nursery as they sometimes use cameras to take their photos.

My husband got home quite late, after 8pm and I had to start bath time without him. Luckily he got home as soon as she got in the bath so he managed to spend some time with her. We read some bedtime stories and she wouldn't want us to take the books away in the end. 

So yes that was our week so far. I will try to write more of posts like this in the future.


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