Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Getting Messy With Paint - Toddler Art Fun

My daughter absolutely loves painting and art - probably her favourite activity. I used to have to hide her paint pots because she would always ask to paint whenever she sees them.  They do a lot of painting and drawing at the nursery but I have not been brave enough to let her run free with the paint brushes inside the house. This summer, we have really taken advantage of the warm weather and enjoyed lots of painting fun out in the garden. What I did was letting her wear nothing but a nappy and really let her go with it.

We got this Chad Valley art easel from Argos and it was pretty affordable. It has a wipe-off magnetic board on one side and a  chalkboard on the other. I normally just hang a paint paper on one side and let her dig in. She would use all the colours with different brushes, and paint however she feels like. Recently she loves painting lines and circles!

I always find it rather entertaining to see the concentration of her face when she paints. She would sit still with a slight frown (her signature look) and go very quiet until she finishes her masterpiece.
When she gets bored with painting on paper, she would start painting her hands, arms and face. One afternoon during the summer, I went to the kitchen and back and found her entire belly covered in all colours of paint. She looked rather amused and was all giggling when she did it. At the end of the session, I would take her to the tap and wipe the paint off with a sponge and take her straight to the bath upstairs.

Now it is getting colder, she has to paint with an apron but I think I need to get a proper full length apron seeing the paint still gets to her clothes. Luckily, because of the paint is water based, it is not difficult to get it off clothes with a bit of Vanish.

There are so many benefits of painting and art for toddlers as they explore the colours and textures of the paint using different ways of applying them to the paper or their own body. It helps their hand-eye coordination, their mobility skills and really stimulate their creativity. Also, it provides a great platform for the parent to bond with the child and spend valuable time together.

I can't wait to try other tools and ways to explore painting with my toddler. Does your child enjoy painting? Any tips on how to help your child enjoy painting? Please share in the comments.


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