Thursday, June 08, 2017

Lanocrème Brightening Face Mask Review

Having a young baby brings so much joy and happiness, but it may also mean lots of sleepless nights and bags under your eyes. As a new mum, it is so important to remember to make some time to care for yourself while you caring for your baby. A couple of months ago, after a long day, I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed my skin had become so dry and the lines under my eyes become more noticeable. I thought to myself, time to take actions and do something about it! 

A friend of mine recommended using sheet masks frequently as it is one of the most effective ways of rescuing your skin. This trend has been so hot especially in Asia that it is not uncommon for celebrities to use two sheet masks a day! While it may not be the case, some sheet masks are gentle enough to be used daily. I have been so diligently doing my skincare homework every day since the past few weeks, if I can afford it, I would be doing so as well. 

If you have read my previous post about Affordable Organic Skincare Favourites from TK Maxx, you will know that this is the place I search online to bag some beauty bargains. I have used up so many sheet masks purchased from there, and this Lanocrème Brightening Face Sheet Mask has been quite impressive. 

This is my bare face without any makeup. Bare in mind that I have already been frequently using masks and other skincare products so my skin is in really good condition lately.

My husband made a joke when he saw this picture, he said this reminds him of the film Friday 13th. I have not seen this film but I do not dare googling it right now as it is pretty late at night!

What I like about the mask?

The mask comes in pack of 5, I think I spent about £5 so it works out £1 per mask - really good value for money. 

Each mask is packed with Hyaluronic acid, Q10, Elastin, Manuka Honey, Kiwifruit extract and Vitamins C and E. As summer comes, my skin is exposed to longer sun exposure while I am strolling around town and enjoying picnics in the park. I have noticed a couple of sun spots on my right cheek even with the SPF protection. These sheet masks are specially formulated to lighten the skin, fade sun spots and reduce irregular pigmentation - exactly what I need. It also helps even skin tone whilst delivering optimal nutrition to the skin for a younger complexion. 

What can be improved? 
I have to say, the mask doesn't contour my face properly and it is slightly too big for me. Understandably, the masks just can't be cut to fit everyone's face shape. 

Will I purchase it again?
Yes, definitely. 

This is my face after the mask, so nourished and pampered. I feel like I just have had a good facial, and it has totally lightened up my day. One more thing I'd like to point out is that you'll still need to use a moisturiser after using the mask because just like the serum, the mask thoroughly nourishes your skin but doesn't necessarily lock in the moisture. 


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