Thursday, May 25, 2017

5 must have products for your child’s bedroom

When we were decorating our baby's nursery, we wanted something fun but also easy to adapt to a child's room when she's older. With so many fantastic dreams and ideas turned into reality, it’s now easier and so much more fun designing your child’s bedroom. We spent hours and hours browsing on Pinterest for ideas and inspiration, and here are 5 of the must have products we think you should have in your child's bedroom. 

Lullaby Lighting by
Clouds are popping up everywhere in design! They add to the peace and tranquillity of a new-borns nursery, and to the fairy tale wonders of a growing child’s room. Add to this the Miffy lamp, which is hard to believe, but also comes in an even bigger size than the one in the picture, and you have the start of a magical bedroom.

Childs Fun Aeon Abacus Radiator by

Why have an ordinary boring radiator in a child’s bedroom when you don’t need to, they are meant to be fun and inviting rooms after all. I love that you can now buy a radiator in the style of an abacus, it’s a great idea, and adds an extra pop of colour.

Colour in cushions and duvets from
Kids love colouring in, especially walls, bedding, and clothes at the frustration of many parents, so why not encourage their creative side and make bedtime more fun by allowing children to colour in their own pillow or duvet covert – you’ll have them running up stairs to bed!

Themed Furniture by

If you’re looking for a stand out fetcher in your child’s room, you can’t go wrong with a themed bed – kids love them! You can buy fairy castles, pirate boats, and I was excited to see you can even buy a bunkbed in the shape of a Volkswagen campervan! The top bunk within the luggage rack is a great idea for sleep overs or when more brothers or sisters arrive, and the surfboard ladder is ingenious!

Wonderful wallpaper from

Gone are the days of getting away with just painting a child’s bedroom. With so many weird and wonderful wallpaper designs out there, parents are designing children’s bedrooms that often out shine their own. If you love having a room decorated with wallpaper you will find you are spoilt for choice, but don’t be scared off by the horror stories of hanging wallpaper, as long as you plan where each piece is to be placed before hand, you should sail through. Here is a great guide by on how to successfully hang wallpaper.

I hope you found this post helpful, hopefully it has given you some ideas when decorating your child's room. If you’re proud of an item you found for your child’s bedroom, please share it with me in the comments below.

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