Thursday, September 15, 2016

My 8 Pregnancy Essentials - Things That Help Me Through Pregnancy

As I have just turned 34 weeks pregnant today, I think it's a good time to look back on my pregnancy so far and curate a list of must-have items that helped me during this special time of my life. Hopefully I can help those of you out there who are about to embark on the same journey as me.

No. 1: A Large Water Bottle
We all know how important it is to stay hydrated especially during pregnancy, this water bottle is one of the best purchases I did since pregnant. I got this blue 2 litres MAIGG water bottle from Amazon, it cost me £12.99, but it saves money in the long run as you don't have to keep buying bottled water. What's more, it is more environmental friendly than bottled water. What I do is to boil the water from the kettle and let it cool before pouring it to the bottle, it last me the whole day without having to refill as it holds a lot! It is also a good reminder for me to drink plenty of water throughout the day, which using a glass just won't do.

No. 2: Prenatal Vitamins
I take this Vitabiotics Pregnacare Max vitamins everyday without fail. It is so important to get all the nutrients you need for the baby to develop. During the first three months, I wasn't able to eat much due to the morning sickness, so I made sure I take the vitamins. It also comes with the omega-3 capsules, which is very important for baby's brain development, but you probably won't get enough if you are not eating much fish.

No.3: Palmer's Cocoa Butter Stretch Mark Cream
I started using Palmer's Cocoa Butter stretch mark cream from the very beginning of my pregnancy, even before I started to show the bump. I have been lucky so far without any stretch marks. They say genetic factor plays a big role here, my mum had stretch marks when she was pregnant with me, but I have none so far, so I guess this cream obviously works for me!

No. 4:  Pregnancy Plus App
I check this app everyday, normally first thing in the morning. There are lots of useful articles daily and I found it very informative. Check out this app if you are pregnant, it is free but you have to pay £2.99 if you want all the functions, which I found definitely worth it.

No.5: Pregnancy Pillow
I got this pregnancy pillow from eBay. This pillow can be detached into three separate ones and I normally use only one of them and put it between my legs. As the baby grows heavier each day, it puts more pressure on your body. Have some sort of support during sleep makes sleeping so much more comfortable.

No.6: Maternity Bra
I stopped wearing wired bras from the very beginning of my pregnancy, just found it digging in my chest and uncomfortable. I pretty much live in these kind of cotton stretchy bras now, they are the most comfortable bras you'll ever wear. I got some from TK Maxx but couldn't find a link there, you can find loads of similar ones like these from Amazon

No.7: Flat Shoes
There are so many benefits of wearing flat shoes during pregnancy and I have done so throughout my pregnancy. They are comfortable and safe to walk in, especially during the later stage of pregnancy, the added weight and the water retention gives your feet so much pressure, you have got to give your feet some extra TLC. Also, these flats are easy to slip on, no shoes laces involved, you know how tricky it can be for a pregnant woman to tie up her shoe laces one of these days!

No.8: Stretchy Dress
These stretchy dresses are my favourite kind of clothing to wear during pregnancy. They look cute and easy to wear. I ordered this floral maternity dress from ASOS and wore it on my baby shower. These kind of body-con silhouette is most flattering for my bump and the material is although not the best, it is quite comfortable to wear. It only costs £28 so really affordable. In my opinion, it is just not worth it forking out on expensive maternity wear, as you'll only gonna wear them for a few months.

So these are 8 of my pregnancy essentials. I hope this post is helpful if you are also pregnant or planning to get pregnant.

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