Wednesday, August 24, 2016

How To Have An Enjoyable Pregnancy

Let's face it, pregnancy can be tough! I'm not going to lie and say being pregnant is like being on holiday, however, I do have learnt a few tips on how to make my pregnancy easier and more pleasant.

Tip 1: Join a Prenatal Yoga Class

This is my top tip for getting an enjoyable pregnancy. I have never been a gym enthusiast, sweating myself out on the treadmill, but I have always enjoyed going to group classes. I feel that other people's presence can really give me that motivation I sometimes lack when working out.

Since I was 16 weeks pregnant, I signed up to a local prenatal yoga class and I can't recommend it more. A prenatal yoga class normally doesn't consists of any challenging poses, very suitable for any pregnant woman who are in their 2nd or 3rd trimester. Comparing to normal yoga classes, prenatal yoga focuses more on gentle stretching and relaxation,  much needed for any preggo! You'll meet lots of women who are just like you, making you feel that you're not alone, there are so many other women going through the same things as you. Try to get to the class early, so you'll have some extra time chatting to other girls, maybe make a friend or two, you'll never know. My yoga class is like a community, we have a Facebook group where people share their pregnancy experience and celebrate each new baby's arrival. So go on, start searching and get signed up!

Tip 2: Eat Healthy

Pregnancy brings lots of changes to your body. I have gradually learnt how to cope and adapt myself to these changes. During my first trimester, the toughest period so far, I found myself lost all interest of food while being pretty much constantly hungry. It was like my stomach tells me I need food, but my hormone makes any food seem so repulsing. After a few days of struggle, I discovered that cold soya milk with cereal and fruit could be my best friend!

My second trimester was a bliss, I was able to enjoy all kinds of delicious food and I was full of energy! This didn't last long though, since my late second trimester and on, my stomach really feels the strain. I get bloated all the time, especially after dinner. It takes longer to digest food and I often feel the heartburn when I go to bed. I realised that I had to make some changes to my eating. I started a food journal, writing down everything I eat in a day. I can always go back and see what food makes the indigestion better, what doesn't. It really helped! I have more of a routine now, I don't skip breakfast anymore, and I try to eat dinner no later than 7pm. My efforts seemed working fine. Even my midwife said how well I looked in my last check up.

Tip 3: Get Outdoor More Often

Because I work from home, I don't really go out that often as before. So I really have to make an effort to get myself out of the house at least once a day. Whether it is a short walk to the shop to get some milk, or walk to our local park, or simply take a walk around the block. Some fresh air and new scenery really can do your mental and physical health much good.

Tip 4: Learn to embrace it

Although we can't go horse riding or skiing, (not that I'm interested), we can still do a lot of things when pregnant. Being pregnant doesn't mean we can't travel anymore, maybe not flying, but we can still go on a mini road trip to a nearby town, take a walk on the sandy beach, or anything you fancy doing. If you find normal maternity clothes boring, you don't have to limit yourself on your wardrobe choice. Read my previous post here and get inspired what to wear during pregnancy.

Pregnancy should be a period when you embrace the changes and cherish every moment, you are after all, creating a miracle in your body!


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