Wednesday, July 20, 2016

3 New Look Non-maternity Dresses You Can Wear When Pregnant

It seems that summer has finally arrived in the UK this week! While I've been enjoying this nice hot weather, I have suddenly found myself run out of summer clothes to fit my pregnant body. As a first time Mummy-to-be, I am totally new to the maternity wear market. I have been searching the web for maternity clothes but find that sometimes I find the styles of maternity clothes quite limited. I discovered that New Look was having a summer sale with up to 60% off, I couldn't help but making a sneaky purchase.

I ordered quite a few items, among which are three of my favourites. They are not maternity dresses, but after trying them all, they all fit me perfectly. A good tip for buying non-maternity dresses when you are pregnant is to go for those with an empire waist line or drop waist line. Swing dresses are also a good choice as they are quite loose fitted. If you are choosing a body-con dress, make sure the material is elasticated enough to fit your bump.

Enough being said, let's check out what I bought.

Dress Number 1: Green Abstract Print Peplum Hem Slip Dress

Sale price £12.00 (Originally £22.99)

This is a cute slip dress in a light green print. The fabric is flowy and light weight, perfect for these hot summer days. I particularly like the dropped peplum hem design, which gives a laid back feel. The material is polyester, although not elasticated, the loose fitting allows plenty of room for my bump. 

This monochrome strappy dress has an abstract print. The empire waist line means that I can fit into this dress in my normal dress size, no problem! What makes it even better is that it has moulded padding at the bust so you don't need to wear a bra underneath!

Dress Number 3: Pink Crochet Tie Waist Maxi Dress 


I wasn't so sure about this dress when I ordered it, as it seems quite body-hugging and I wasn't sure if my bump could fit in it comfortably. But I ordered it anyway knowing I can easily return it if it doesn't fit me. Much to my delight is this dress fit me perfectly. The material is a light weight crochet fabric. It is quite long, but you can adjust the shoulder straps to shorten it. It has two splits on the sides and a tie waist that flatters the silhouette.

What do you think of these three dresses? I am sure to be wearing them during this summer and after my pregnancy as well.


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