Monday, September 07, 2015

My Wedding Photos (Continued) & Wedding Tips

I hope you enjoyed my previous post of our wedding pictures! I think it's a good idea to also share some of the tips based on my own experience from our wedding.

Get some wedding magazines, but don't let it give you the false impression that the 'perfect' wedding has to look a certain way. Your wedding will be the perfect wedding for you regardless the way your center piece looks like. Get inspired and not to be led by anything you see online or from the magazine. There isn't a set rule to follow, you don't have to have a 'standard' wedding following other people. It is your wedding and you should do whatever you feel comfortable with.

You don't have to have a makeup artist or hair stylist. If you are not a total makeup newbie, you don't have to spend a few hundred of pounds to hire a makeup stylist. Nobody knows your face better than yourself and nobody knows what works better and what suits you better than yourself.

Prepare a pair of flat shoes or slippers to wear when you are sitting down and in the evening.

Make sure to get someone to prompt you of your posture when taking wedding photos. Maybe it's just my problem but you will look better in photos if you stand or sit straight and tall.

My last tip is about money! Yes, of course, weddings are so costly and you may end up spending a lot more than you can afford, therefore, budgeting and sticking to your budget is so important. When we were choosing our wedding venue, we found that each venue has their own suppliers they recommend. Bear in mind that you don't have to go with them, as their 'official' suppliers may be quite expensive. For example, I got a quote of over £2000 from the hotel's 'official' florist. However, I went on Gumtree and found a descent wedding decoration company for similar price but was inclusive of the whole venue decoration - chair covers, light curtains, flowers and bouquets, center pieces, top table decorations as well as our gazebo decorations. It would have cost us at least four or five times more if we went for the 'official' suppliers.

My last tip is to try your best to enjoy yourself on your wedding day. It will go so fast and you should make sure to enjoy every single moment of it.
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