Friday, May 15, 2015

Mini Getaway To The Beach - Golfing

My hubby and I decided to escape to our family holiday home earlier this week. It is in a tranquil beach town about one and a half hours' drive from our home in London. We arrived on Monday afternoon at around 4pm, yes, our original plan was to set off early so we can enjoy most of the day there. However, like always, my hubby took way too long packing. We were planning to stay for three days, but he packed one huge suitcase along with 4 large bags! The concept of travelling light does not exist in his world, lol! When it comes to packing, we couldn't be more different, he likes to be well prepared, packs loads, even though half of the stuff he wouldn't end up using.

We made it there in the end! After a quick lunch, we headed off to the beach and the golf course which is right next to it. Golfing is Anthony's passion, me, I just like strolling along the big open field enjoying the afternoon sun. I will practice my new lens and take some shots of him playing golf, he then take some pictures of me for my blog and film me for my Youtube.

It was a bit windy that day, but the sun was shinning gloriously. I was wearing a white swing dress from my own online boutique Charmeuse Couture, and a loose fitted jumper from H&M on top of it. These two items worked incredibly well, bit of layering is always good! I also wore a pair of leggings to keep me warm, and these flats became my go-to shoes throughout these days.

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