Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How I Edit My Blog / Instagram Photos & Tools Review and Recommendation

I have been doing some testing using  different photo editing tools. Although I have heard so many good things about Lightroom, I just don't feel comfortable paying for £100 on a software at the moment. So I went ahead searching for some online tools instead. I tried Pixlr and Photoshop web tool, both are free, but honestly I am not impressed by either of them. However, I have found two of my favourite tools that I will introduce to you below.

1. Picmonkey

As a Youtuber, I use Picmonaey to edit my thumbnails. I think it is such a quick and simple tool to use, especially when cropping and resizing the images. Another great function it has is that you can use it to design a banner from scratch. I also use it to make collage images. Here you can see some examples from my channel - Little Bling Ring.

The image below is what I just edited. I used Picmonkey to brighten the image and adjust the colour temperature.

Image 1: using Picmonkey

Image 2: Original picture

2. Meitu

Meitu is a free tool developed by a Chinese company and is hugely popular in China. You can use the online web tool, or download the to your computer or phone. For Mac users, you can only use the online web tool, which doesn't have as many functions as the pc or phone app, but still make a very useful tool. Unfortunately they don't have an English version though, at least I don't know, however, it is not impossible for non-Chinese users to use, just have a go with different buttons and it's quite straight forward. I have attached some examples below to show you some really nice effect it created.

Image 3: using Meitu (phone app)

Image 3: using Meitu (phone app)

Image 3: using Meitu (phone app)

Image 3: using Meitu (web tool)

Both tools have their strength and limitations, so you should choose based on what tasks you aim to complete. Picmonkey is definitely a better tool for design, with lots of cool fonts and functions. If you would like to make a photo collage or design a banner, or edit a video thumbnail, definitely go for Picmonkey. If you are an instagramer who likes some really cool effect, download Meitu from your app store, trust me, you will be obsessed and never want to use the built-in Instagram filter ever again! It also has some functions to make your portraits more flattering, just go and explore! For blog users, you should also check out the Meitu web tool which is quick and easy. Or you can do what I did today, edit the photos from your phone app, then upload it to your computer as there are way more and better functions on the phone app. 

I hope this post could help someone who's also been looking for some answers to photo editing like myself. If you want me to do a Meitu tutorial, please let me know. Don't forget to check out my Youtube channel Little Bling Ring: http://www.youtube.com/c/LittleBlingRing 



  1. I need to play around with photography more. These edits are delightful. Wishing you well. (:

    ♥ | http://www.connect-the-cloths.com | xoxo


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