Wednesday, December 03, 2014

New Make Up Brushes from Real Techniques | Little Bling Ring

I am a minimalist inside and out. I don't like to accumulate stuff and I never desire to own a ton of clothes and make up. I take my old clothes to the charity shop without hesitation. I use my foundation until the last drop. Doesn't sound like a typical fashion / beauty blogger, right? It is the same thing for me when it comes to make up brushes. It only occurred to me that I need to get some new brushes when my current foundation brush that I bought from an unknown brand in China starting to shed hair like mad! 

After doing my research, I picked out this foundation brush from Real Techniques. And as I'm a sucker for the deals, I picked up a mini set of travel brushes and a Sleek contour kit during Boots' 3 for 2 deal. The order came and I couldn't be happier with the foundation brush! The hair was so soft and it also has the super fine texture on the tip. I used it once and can't help but wondering why it came to my life so late! The travel set though, was slightly different from what I expected as they were just so small - the buzz of online shopping, huh? 

I really hope they don't shed hair like my old brushes. Regarding this, I will sure to report on my blog in the future. 

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  1. Hi there, thank you for stopping by my youtube channel and for your support. You look so familiar, wouldn't be surprise if we are related. Anyways, I have all these brushes and the same as you, just discovered them last year and can't believe I've been without em. The mini kit is so cute to carry in my bag love it. Have you tried their shading and dome brush? omg best stuffffff ever for eye shadow application!! Same as the powder face brush,

  2. I know, we do look a bit alike! Thanks for your lovely comment. I think I'll have to try their eyeshadow brush, I need one anyway xxx

  3. I love Real Techniques! Especially the foundation & buffing brushes.

    Katie xx



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