Friday, December 05, 2014

New Beauty Buys - Face Masks | Little Bling Ring

Over the past few weeks, I've been on a mission to find the best budget face masks to add to my complexion cleansing routine. You know how much I love the drugstore, especially Boots! Here I have managed to curate a selection of my favourites from my latest shopping trip. 

The first two are from Sanctuary. The first one is for anti-aging, the second one is more of a deep cleaning mask. They are around £10 each from Boots. I also got a couple of one-pack fabric masks from Boots. 

As the winter comes, I have been having more pampering nights lately. Who doesn't love a candle-lit bubble bath in the cold, wet winter nights? I am pretty sure I'll be using these masks quite a lot. 

A link to my previous haul video if you haven't seen it:

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