Sunday, December 07, 2014

My Hair Product Heroes | Little Bling Ring

Over the years, I've learnt to pay more attention to my long neglected hair. I am lucky to have healthy and thick hair, but to achieve a bit of extra glamorous look, I do have a few hero products I wanted to share with you all.

For the ladies who feels  that washing and drying your hair seems to take forever, or you are born with oily skin like myself and your hair gets greasy after just one day of washing, this baby can be your life saviour - dry shampoo! One of the greatest inventions ever! This one is from Charles Worthington, which works wonders! The only problem is it doesn't seem to last very long. Or is it because of my laziness? Who knows.

I discovered the second product, got2b Volumnizing Styling Powder, from my wedding hair stylist who basically stunned me with this tiny bottle of magical powder. No need to say too much, you have got to try it!

The last item, Loreal Studio Line Boost & Gloss volume mousse is also a staple product in my hair routine.

Watch how I style my hair here:

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