Friday, March 14, 2014

My Tea Favourite

Having a tea in the morning is the best moment of the day. After breakfast and freshing up, I like to sit down and make a pot of tea to enjoy before I start a busy day's schedule. Until I have my tea, I won't be bothered to think about any trivia in life. Not yet, not until I have my tea.

My boyfriend got this tea pot from family and I basically use it everyday. The tea is from a market stall from Covent Garden. It's called Midsummer Mango, as it's name, it tastes like summer, with a refreshing mango flavour. I don't add sugar or milk, just as it is and I think it is the best.


  1. That tea set is so cute! I'm more of a coffee drinker on a daily basis, but I really enjoy lavender and mango tea as well!

    1. Thanks, Raissa! I love lavender tea as well :)

  2. Love the tea set!


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