Thursday, March 13, 2014

DIY Wedding Invitation - How To Decorate Your Own

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As you know, weddings nowadays are so costly. When I first searching to order some wedding invitations, I realised that they are so expensive. A simple invitation would cost you around £2 per piece, if you want those with embellishments, it might cost around £5 per piece. It just occurred to me that why not design and make my own invitation to save a few hundred pounds? Plus, my own custom-made design will definitely have my own signature on it, which is more meaningful.

Then I started searching on the internet for tutorials. It was then I realised that the tutorials were a bit limited and I couldn't really find the styles I wanted to learn to make. I came across a few bespoke wedding supply websites, and selected a few styles that were my favourites. I then got inspired by them and made a few tweaks, finally I made a rough design. I wanted my invitation to be ivory colour, with lace, ribbon and a buckle embellishment. For the card itself, I found a supplier on eBay, they basically can make the cards in plain design and put your details and photos. It works about 50p each, which is cheaper and easier than printing your own, and they even print it on pearlescent papers.

After the main card body sorted, my next step was to source the material for the decoration. I turned to eBay and my local craft store to buy the lace, ribbon, red rhinestone, pearl buckle and some paper flowers. They cost me about £20 in total.

There was a tricky part in the process of making the invitations, as you can see, on the second page (RSVP page), there was rough edges where the two ends of laces as well as the ribbons were glued together, we tried a few solutions to how to make it more polished or hide it. We tried tying a bow, trim the lace/ribbon better, etc, but I was still not 100% convinced the design was better than professionally made ones. I almost felt that maybe I made a mistake, and that I should have ordered from a supplier, until during a trip to our local craft store, we found those paper flowers. We could attach the flowers to hide the rough edges! It was really a light bulb moment and we were both really chuffed! And the card looks even more polished after we decorate the flowers with a red rhinestone.

I hope this DIY tutorial could be useful to any of you who plan to do some DIY for your wedding. If you like it, please give it a thumbs-up and subscribe to my channel. Thanks.


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