Monday, March 31, 2014

What's On My Bridal Bouquet Wishlist?

As our wedding approaching, we have to finalist a florist and we have had a couple of meetings already. It seems that both florists are both quite expensive, with a basic package costs £700 onwards. Blimey!

Our colour scheme is pink, green with a dash of red. I've been Pinteresting like a lot lately and created my own profile. The photos below are some of my favourite designs. I love peonies, but they are so expensive! I would like to include a couple in my bouquet though, after all, it's a day that I will remember forever.

So which one is your favourite?

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Murano Island - Where Glass Was Made

When in Venice, a vist to Murano island is a must. We were delighted to find that Hilton provides private water taxi to and from Murano for free. So, let's pop on! The journey took us about 25 minutes. The view was absolutely stunning! It was just me and my fiancĂ© on the boat, and we were surrounded by the beautiful water. What an incredible experience! 

When we reached the island, the glass factory owner gave us a tour. There was also a glass artist demonstrating to us how the glass was made. He kept turning and turning the burning hot glass and a few minutes passed, he made a horse out of it. It was like magic!

After the tour at the factory, we went to the glass museum where they have show rooms for the ancient glassware. I was so intrigued by the delicate glass and the amazing workmanship hundreds of years ago . We then found a cafe near the canal and had some lunch. I had the famous kettle fish spaghetti. It looks a bit disgusting but really tasty. We just sat there, bathing in the warm sunshine and looking at the canal. It was so peaceful. 


Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Gorgeous Coffee Afternoon At Cafe Florian, Venice

We sat down at a gorgeous cafe on San Marco square, without knowing that it was the famous Cafe Florian! We had a lovely nice pot of tea and a sandwich, whilst listening to the band playing and watching the people and the pigeons. Did I tell you the price for this little snack and a tea yet? It was 55 euros! Vastly expensive. Everybody was taking pictures, hoping to take away the memory of a gorgeous day in Venice. Words just become so pale when describing the beauty of this magical city. Our faces were smiling all the time, our hearts were so light and happy. The warm sunshine on my face. I still remember. 

And I can't stop looking at my ring, the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. 


Friday, March 28, 2014

He Proposed, On A Gondola!

It was no surprise that we were getting married. In fact, we decided to get married since last October, I remember we were sitting on the sofa in the living room, he said to me, casually, 'why don't we get married'. I thought he was joking and didn't take it very seriously. Then the next day, his whole family knew! Then I realised, wait a minute, is it really happening? 

Then we started planning, well, more of discussing about an engagement trip. At first, we wanted to go to Paris, but then, his close friend proposed to his girlfriend in Paris, therefore he wanted to go somewhere different. 

I knew this Venice trip, he was going to propose to me. But I wasn't 100% sure. Does he even have a ring? I asked myself. The first day of our stay, he suggested we get on a gondola after dinner. Then that night was freezing cold and I was only wearing a dress, and my heels were killing me as they were super uncomfortable. I suggested that we do it during the day time the next day. So here it comes, the next day, we had a lovely walk about at the square, then we got on the gondola. It was the most beautiful experience I have ever had in my entire life. It was so peaceful, beautiful and the weather was gorgeous. You could hear nothing but the water. It seemed so surreal. I sort of knew that he was going to do it, and I suddenly became a bit nervous. Then the driver said to us, we have just reached the centre of Venice. I saw him got down on one knee, holding a ring, he said 'You know that I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?' I just started crying! People from another boat near us started clapping their hands and cheer for us. I just felt I was the happiest girl in the whole world.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Venice Day 2 & What I wore? #OOTD

After the amazing, delicious breakfast buffet in Hilton, we got ready to head off to tour the city. A long stroll along the square and the canal is a must.The weather was so lovely, sunny and warm, and everything else seems so poetic under the sunshine. We just kept walking and walking, there was so much to see. I felt like I was in the movie. It was magical!

When you go deeper into the square, there are many pathways where you can find all kinds of shops.There are souvenir shops that sell Venetian masks, glass jewellery and lots of boutiques. I just fell in love with this city instantly.

My outfit of the day:
Denim Jacket: Oasis
Embellished top: Dorothy Perkins
Black Jeans: Villa from ASOS
Leather Boots: F&F


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What's In My Venice Travel Make Up Bag

When I went through security check in Stansted Airport, I had to squeeze every liquid stuff into one tiny clear bag - I'm sure you know what it looks like. You can imagine what a struggle it was. And we were almost late for the flight! I had to throw away a couple of bottles, one nail polish remover and one sun block. Luckily I had another sun block in the container and the one I threw away was almost used up.

For skin care products, I packed my sample sized products I got from my previous beauty haul, mainly Estee Lauder and Clinique. For beauty products, I packed my Mac foundation, No.7 loose powder and bronzer, KIKO blusher, Benefit brow kit, Girl Meets Pearl and Porefessional. I also brought Naked eyeshadow palette, 17 eyeliner, Estee Lauder lipstick and mascara,and Gucci Guilty perfume.

I also brought 5 brushes plus a double-ended brush included in the Naked 3.

The last two photos below show what my vanity table looks like in my hotel room. Messy, messy, messy. Haha.

Ps. I might upload a video about this soon.


Monday, March 24, 2014

What I Wore in Venice - OOTD Day 1

I went to Venice!

We've been planning this trip for a couple of months in prior of the trip and everything seemed falling to places. We flew through Ryanair, got a bit of headache with the parking booked through them - they gave us the wrong name of the parking company and we had to call them 7 times to find out where it went wrong. Anyway, I highly DON'T suggest anyone book the parking directly through Ryanair, because they just can't be bothered with helping you at all. Anyway, I won't let them ruin my good mood for Venice.

Our plane landed in San Marco airport instead of the scheduled Treviso, which is even better as it's closer to the hotel. We stayed at Hilton, a bit expensive, but it turned out in the end that it was the good choice.

We arrived at our hotel during lunch time, took a bit of rest in the afternoon before heading out town for dinner. Hilton was great, it has complimentary shuttle boat to and from San Marco square, where the main attractions are. We stumbled upon a nice restaurant on the square, forgot the name, but you can see what it looks like from the last photo below. It was so expensive! A dinner of two spaghetti, a bottle of wine plus a dessert to share cost us 80 euros!

Let's get down to the outfit now! The outfit pictures below were taken from my hotel room. I worn a black peplum dress. I love this dress, especially the cut-out details at the shoulder. The shoes are from ASOS. A pointy front in black sued-effect material and silver metallic heels. They are super cute but super uncomfortable. Normally I'm alright with heels but they not only made my feet hurt but also my ankles!

Dress: ASOS
Heels: ASOS
Necklace: Jon Richard; New Look

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