Monday, January 13, 2014

My 10 New Year Resolutions for 2014

Half of January has almost gone, and I think it's high time that I wrote down my New Year resolution now. 2014 is a very important year to me - I will be married this year! Yay! I would like to make a few changes to myself and my life.

1. Work out more. 

I didn't get to do much fitness activities last year, and I do feel that it affected my fitness in some way. This year I'd like to pick up Yoga and join a few other fitness classes. Need to sign up to a new gym soon!

Goal: to work out 30 mins per day.

2. Learn to dance.

I'd like to do Salsa and other ballroom dances. We've got a local Salsa club nearby, so that should worth checking out. My fiance and I are also going to dance lessons to prepare for our first dance on our wedding. I always wanted to dance, and I wish I took ballet lessons when I was a child. But never mind, now I'm giving myself that chance.

Goal: go to dance class at least once a week.

3. Learn to drive.

Need to do it now! My provisional licence should be on its way now. As soon as I receive it, I'm going to start driving lessons. My fiance bought me 10 driving lessons for Christmas! He's the best!

Goal: pass driving test this year.

4. Learn to swim.

I find it embarrassing that I can't swim. Really need to get this out of the way. 

Goal: Be able to swim.

5. Build my blog/Youtube

Set myself a challenge to really develop my blog. I am very passionate about blogging, and I really hope to make more efforts on it. I also want to start a Youtube channel. Now I'm learning video editing tutorials.

Goal: get 1000 followers on at least one of the main platforms.

6. Read more books.

Since leaving uni, I rarely touched books, which is terrible! This year I'd like to read more books to get myself some spiritual nutrition.

Goal: read every day, even if it's just for 10 minutes. Finish at least 3 books this year.

7. Treat my partner better.

As your relationship develops, you tend to ignore your partner or make less effort to your partner. My problem is, when I'm upset or something, I tend to lose my patience/temper very easily. I sometimes raise my voice towards him or even shout like a child, that is so bad, I know! This year, I will work on myself and try to treat him better. Honestly, he is the best man I've ever known and ever been with, and I shouldn't forget that just because I'm getting a bit too comfortable in this relationship. 

Goal: control my temper. Count to 60 before acting. Get myself to a different room when I am upset to cool myself down. And do not raise my voice to him.

8. Communicate more with my family.

I live in a different country than my families and sometimes I forget to call them more often. I need to make more efforts and pay more attention to them as they are the most important people in my life.

Goal: Call my parents at least once a week. Call (not just messaging) my brothers at least once a week. Call my grandparents at least once a month.

9. Make more new friends and connect with old friends.

This past year, I realised that friends are so important. Because of my work, it was hard to find new friends, but I really need to make more efforts to build my friends circles.

10. Count my blessings and be happy.

Whenever I feel insecure, try to give myself a compliment. I sometimes can be very competitive. She's better-looking than me? She's thinner than me? She's younger than me? She's more successful than me? Really? I tend to forget that I am just as beautiful, healthy, young and successful as the one to whom I compare.

Nobody is perfect. Always remind myself that. Tell yourself the reasons why you should be proud of yourself.


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